Thanks for taking the time to view a sampling of my work. I developed the concept, did the graphics, copy and coding of the emails below. No one else was involved in the creation and production of these creatives. Many, many more samples are available on request.

I'm interested in securing a full-time, Online Marketing Management position but will also consider contract and freelance work. I'll send my complete resume on request. Click here to contact me.
--Bruce Zubee


Promoting the new search function on

Valentine's Day Promo.

Introducing jumper cables to the inventory.

Coupon promo. $100 off.

A recent Chuck and Eddie's promotion.

I've incorporated the bull dog as the branding focus of Chuck and Eddies since they've used this in their logo for quite some time.

Customers have taken a liking to the new branding. Who doesn't like dogs?

Informational mailings work well for Chuck and Eddie's.

This popular email blast resulted in a 30%+ click-through. It posed questions for the customer without revealing what the actual deal was. Customers are curious.

This email promo relies on it's eye-catching theme. That coupled with a Free Shipping offer makes for a highly successful promotion.

Brand new product being promoted in a very aggressive way. Thousands were sold.

The color in this promotion really caught a lot of customer's attention. The headline worked well too.

Believe it or not, this crazy creative resulted in over 80% click-through. The curiosity factor played a major role in this promotion. The actual offering was a set of reflective safety triangles.

Here's another example of a high click-through email promotion. Note that there is no indication what the deal is. The creative is linked to a custom splash page that really makes the sale.

Here's an example of turning a frog into a prince. We couldn't sell this combination air compressor battery charger/starter, so I changed its name to "PumpNZapper". That did the trick. Stock was depleted just from this one promo.

Throwing a visual of dead presidents usually works to catch a customer's attention. This was no exception.

A little play on words and some eye-catching graphics made this promo a success.

Here's an example of how I get web-based features started. This was a promo for my very successful "Customer of the Month" program which is still going strong today.

Here's a promo that ran the week of Christmas to New Years. I paired this email blast with daily (sometimes three times a day) Social Media involvement. The result? Over $250,000 in sales!

Customers rarely opt out of my email lists because even if they sometimes don't have interest in the product offered, they always like to be entertained.

Another successful promo which used an employee as the focal point.

Here's an example of how I'm able to retain customers. I make them feel a part of the company I'm working for. I insure that the point gets across that the company cares about its customers.

Another way I show customers that they are being cared for. Show them how to save money! This one got scores of positive comments from customers.

A little play on words and a little comedy was enough to sell dozens of car jacks.